The Imago



1895. Defendant 47, a photographer with knowledge of a murder, could not recall why he was on trial. To help him remember, the judge and lawyers reviewed the evidence with him, including photos he had taken at the crime scene. As they reviewed the evidence, Defendant 47 began to piece together the events that led to his arrest and trial. He realized that he had been present at the murder scene and had witnessed the crime. With Defendant 47’s testimony, the prosecution was able to build a strong case against the accused killer.

Year: 2015
Director(s): Emiliano Galigani
Starring: Douglas Deen, Manuela Parodi, Micky Ray Martin
Runtime (minutes): 116
Rating: Not rated.
Language: English
Country(s): Italy
Color: Color
Writer(s): Emiliano Galigani
Editor(s): Woland Belial
Cinematographer(s): Alessandro Casalini
Producer(s): Emiliano Galigani, Edoardo Marazita

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