Forest Stories


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Forest stories — research film about how contact with the forest can affect one’s sense of self and quality of life. It covers the stories of 10 very different people: digital nomads, spiritual practitioners, shamans and scientists. All the collaborators underwent an inevitable transformation at some point in their lives where they realized that the forest is a full-fledged living organism and it’s crucial to build relationships with it. Events from childhood, creative interests, work tasks, intuition and destiny signs led them to a genuine contact with the forest and a new worldview. Forest stories conveys the state of interconnectivity and unity of all life on earth.

The filming took around a year in locations in Russia, Belarus and Turkey. The film tells the stories of 10 amazing people: IT entrepreneurs, spiritual guides, scientists and researchers.

We invited Ekaterina Piltenko, the director of the film Freedom and the 1st episode of the documentary series 50/50 (Power of the Wind episode), to take on the role of editing director.

Year: 2023
Director(s): Ekaterina Piltenko
Starring: Olga Ramora, Anton Semenov, Alexander Zhernosek, Ulyana Ashurko, Valeria Bukina, Alexander Bukin, Alexander Chikunov, Nadezhda Motina, Alexander Yatsenko, Irina Kuleshova, Sergey Chaadaev
Runtime (minutes): 53
Rating: Not rated.
Language: English, Russian
Country(s): USA, Russia
Subtitle(s): English
Color: Color
Writer(s): Olga Ramora, Irina Konkova, Lidiya Kazantseva
Editor(s): Irina Konkova, Lidiya Kazantseva
Cinematographer(s): Kotikov Production
Producer(s): Olga Ramora

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